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Find your piece of paradise with Phoenix Island Charters!

Offering luxury day charters in the US and the British Virgin Islands at a price that locals can afford. Each itinerary is custom made for your group! Reef snorkeling, secluded beaches, legendary beach bars, and everything in between! Let's share some of the most beautiful locations in the Caribbean - as well as nature's little secrets.

Snorkel gear, Paddleboards, and instruction provided with every charter.

PHOENIX offers the modern design and comfort that you would expect from any yacht. Featuring a comfortable stateroom, full bathroom, and lots of shade.


Mainship 35 Pilot 'Phoenix'

St Thomas Charter Boat | Phoenix Island Charters | Yacht at Anchor

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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St Thomas Boat Charter | Phoenix Island Charters | PHOENIX at anchor in secluded bay
St Thomas Boat Charter | Phoenix Island Charters | PHOENIX at anchor in secluded bay

St Thomas Boat Charter | Phoenix Island Charters | PHOENIX at anchor in secluded bay

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St Thomas Boat Charter | Phoenix Island Charters | At Anchor
St Thomas Boat Charter | Phoenix Island Charters | At Anchor

St Thomas Boat Charter | Phoenix Island Charters | At Anchor

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St Thomas Boat Charters | Phoenix Island Charters | St John Sunsets
St Thomas Boat Charters | Phoenix Island Charters | St John Sunsets

St Thomas Boat Charters | Phoenix Island Charters | St John Sunsets

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St Thomas Boat Charter | Phoenix Island Charters | PHOENIX at anchor in secluded bay
St Thomas Boat Charter | Phoenix Island Charters | PHOENIX at anchor in secluded bay

St Thomas Boat Charter | Phoenix Island Charters | PHOENIX at anchor in secluded bay

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Take Your Island Excursion to the Next Level with a Luxurious St Thomas Boat Charter

The U.S and the British Virgin Islands are hands down some of the top places for anyone looking for a premium boat charter. From picturesque scenery and beautiful bays to pristine beaches and small lagoons, it’s no wonder why these islands are home to some of the richest people on this earth.

But the good news is that cruising through the fascinating cool blues of the U.S. and the British Virgin Islands is not just reserved for celebrities and business tycoons only. If you are planning a trip to the Caribbean or looking for the ideal ways to explore the Virgin Islands, then look no further than a luxury yacht or private rental boat to help you make the most of your holiday.

Take your tropical holiday to the next level, by hiring a St Thomas boat charter to witness this paradise-like place on earth. 

About the Area


The U.S. and British Virgin Islands, collectively known as the Virgin Islands, are a group of numerous large and small land masses located in the Caribbean. Situated about 50 miles away from Puerto Rico, these islands claim the horizon from east to west in the Anegada Passage – the main channel that connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

British Virgin Islands – Often called BVI for short, the British Virgin Islands is a British colony that consists of four main islands – Jost Van Dyke, Tortola, Virgin Gorda, and Anegada – surrounded by over 50 smaller islets and cays.

U.S. Virgin Islands – Also called the American Virgin Islands, this group of islands comprises three main islands – St Croix, St Thomas, and St John – situated amidst almost 50 smaller islets and cays.

The Virgin Islands are prized for numerous things ranging from stunning landscapes and pristine blue water to the moderately cool weather and several other features that make it an ideal holiday destination all around the year.

You can visit the Virgin Islands National Park in St. John for an adventurous hike or ride around the town to observe the Neoclassical Danish architecture that gives the island a unique and distinct persona. Or if you are a nature lover and want to explore the underwater world, then dive right in to see the abundant marine life thriving below the water surface.

Main Attractions (at the British Virgin Islands)


If taking part in strenuous hiking trails is not your cup of tea, why not hire a boat charter (or rental) in St. Thomas and jet around the BVI in style. The British Virgin Islands encompasses more than 50 islands that appear like emeralds peeking out of the clear turquoise waters between the North Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea. While there’s always plenty to do at BVI, the following are some of the attractions you wouldn’t want to miss out on:

  • The Baths and Gorda Peak National Park (Virgin Gorda)

  • North Sound (Virgin Gorda)

  • Soper’s Hole (Tortola)

  • Sage Mountain National Park (Tortola)

  • Cane Garden Bay (Tortola)

  • Anegada Island

  • Norman Island

  • Peter Island Marina

  • Cooper Island

  • White Bay (Jost Van Dyke)

  • Smuggler’s Cove Beach (Tortola)

  • Rhone National Maritime Park and RMS Rhone Shipwreck Dives

Main Attractions (at U.S. Virgin Islands)

While there’s plenty to see while on a trip to the U.S. and the British Virgin Islands, you wouldn’t want to miss the following tourist attractions at the U.S. Virgin Islands. Some of the main attractions to visit during your trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands will include:

  • Buck Island Reef National Monument (St Croix)

  • Trunk Bay Underwater Snorkel Trail

  • Magens Bay (St Thomas)

  • Charlotte Amalie (the capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands is named after a Danish Queen)

  • Coral World Ocean Park (St Thomas)

  • 99 Steps and Blackbeard’s Castle (St Thomas)

  • Christiansted and Heritage Trail (St Croix)

  • You can get around all of these islands in style with a luxury boat charter in St Thomas.

Private St Thomas Boat Charter


A boat charter (or rental) in St Thomas is by far the best way to go about discovering the incredible sights that the Islands have to offer. An excursion on a luxurious private boat will give you an amazing experience coupled with memories that you will cherish forever. Motor the vast blue ocean, cruise around rocky cliffs and magnificent mountains rising above the water spend a lazy day lounging on the deck, or plunge below to snorkel around large coral reefs and observe marine life up close. The options are unlimited, and a fun time is guaranteed!

What to Expect from St Thomas Boat Charter

When you book St Thomas boat charters, you book a ticket to the most fun-filled and entertaining ride of your life. And it all starts from the moment that you set foot on deck.

As the sun-kissed, white-sand shores fade away into the distance, you will find yourself surrounded by an endless stretch of cool blue water dotted with rocks, cays, and islets of varying sizes.

Ride out into the middle of nowhere to relax and rejuvenate on the secluded waters or stop near a cay and peek below to say hello to brightly colored tropical fish. Halt your boat near a beach if you wish to swim in the crystal clear water or continue cruising from island to island for a rich sight-seeing trip.

Private boat charters give you the freedom to explore the beautiful islands at your own pace, anchor wherever you like, and for as long as you want to.

Sounds like the perfect tropical getaway? You are just one step away from bringing your Caribbean holiday fantasies to life.

Experience the Ultimate Island Sensation

The U.S. and the British Virgin Islands welcome a large number of tourists all year round, so if you are hopping on the bandwagon and don’t want to miss out on all the fun, it is important that you secure your spot well in advance. And for the best St Thomas yacht charters, look no further than Phoenix Island Charters.

At Phoenix Island Charters we have a fleet of the finest and most luxurious deluxe boats and yachts that will make your holiday truly unforgettable. Their modern design features spacious seats, proper shade, and functional restrooms so that you can cruise comfortably. Our expert captains and local tour guides also accompany the passengers to ensure that you have the maximum amount of fun.

Complete with snorkel gear, paddleboards, and other equipment that you might require on the trip, our service is available at a highly affordable price.

Phoenix Island Charters provides comprehensive tours that cover all the major sites that are a wonder to behold so that you don’t miss out on anything that is worth seeing. And if you prefer a custom-made itinerary instead, we can offer that as well. 

Premium cruising and exhilarating adventures in the sea await you on the spectacular U.S. and British Virgin Islands. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Book your spot today or get in touch with us if you want to find out more.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a St Thomas Pocket Yacht?


A pocket yacht is just like it sounds - all the comfortable amenities and toys found on any proper yacht - in a compact package! Specifically a comfortable boat with amenities, toys, shade, and a full bathroom.

- 35' Mainship Pilot provides a comfortable ride even in rough seas
- Fully equipped bathroom with push-button flush
- Roomy cockpit lounging area
- Ample shade for everyone - or sun - the choice is yours!
- Full stateroom for changing / lounging / storing bags
- Lots of water toys including paddleboards, noodles, and loungers
- A drone (upon request) to document your epic day and make all of your friends jealous. See our Videos






Are the charters private or will we be sharing the trip with others?


All of our charters are private. Your group will experience a personal experience only available with a private charter.


Is there shaded seating available?

PHOENIX is a comfortable boat with shaded seating. (These seats are also dry in event of a passing Caribbean shower) There is additional seating in the sun - so the choice is yours, sun or shade!


Do we need to bring our own toys, snorkel masks, etc.?

Snorkel Gear, Paddle Boards, Water Toys, Inflatable Loungers, Bluetooth Stereo available for our guests.


Can we bring our own food/drinks?

Our YETI cooler will be stocked with ice and drinking water. Bring whatever drinks or snacks you like! If you have special requests just ask!   


Is there a bathroom on the boat?


Unlike most day charter boats, PHOENIX offers a full bathroom available for guests - adjacent is a comfortable stateroom for changing and storing bags/personal items.


Is the captain experienced?

PHOENIX is an owner/operated charter company. As such, our guests directly experience our passion and local knowledge of the area. We specialize in creating custom, private and personalized itineraries in the US and the British Virgin Islands based on your group's specific interests.


Are there customs fees for the British Virgin Islands (BVI)?


British Virgin Islands customs and port authority fees are $75/person. These fees go directly to the BVI authorities. Please note that these fees are cash only.

Boat Charter St Thomas | Phoenix Island Charters
Boat Charter St Thomas | Phoenix Island Charters
Boat Charter St Thomas | Phoenix Island Charters

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